Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Congregational Church?  How does it differ from other denominations?    

  • Congregationalists are Christians, we are followers of Jesus
  • The Pilgrims were the first Congregationalists in America
  • We believe the Bible is the primary source of divine guidance
  • We believe that, in God’s eyes, all of the faithful are spiritual equals
  • Congregational churches are organized around a covenant shared among their members; the Congregation reaffirms this when new members join
  • Every church is complete under Christ with the authority to administer its own affairs.  We select our own ministers, set and manage our own budgets, define our own covenant
  • Congregationalists have a long history of involvement in social justice issues – abolition of slavery, women’s rights, civil rights, higher education for all

What is your Church worship service like?   

  • Traditional organ and choir music, sometimes with handbells or children’s choir
  • Communion six times per year: the first Sundays of October, December, plus Maundy Thursday
  • Special worship services Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Eve
  • We use the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible and the New Century Hymnal

What does North Church offer to youth and children?  Is there child care?     North offers a comprehensive program for children and youth.  It includes:

  • Sunday School classes for all ages
  • Nursery and child care
  • Children’s music program
  • Confirmation classes
  • Vacation Bible School (in conjunction with other local Churches)
  • Christmas pageant
  • North Church has a child protection policy

How is North Church involved in the community and in serving others?  What opportunities are there to get involved?     North Church is very active with mission work and serving others, both locally and nationally.  There are opportunities for all members and friends to get involved.  Some of our service activities include:

  • Crossroads (serving food to the needy in downtown Detroit)
  • C.A.R.E.S. (food and other necessities for the needy in the Farmington Hills area)
  • CROP Walk (raising money for the hungry locally and around the world)
  • Camp Restore Detroit (helping to rebuild impoverished areas of Detroit)

Do you have a music program?     North Church is blessed with an outstanding music program, in which anyone can participate.  It includes:

  • Traditional organ music before, during, and after Worship service
  • Our Chancel Choir, which sings during Worship and at the occasional concert and special event
  • Our Chancel Bells, a wonderful handbell choir
  • Our Children’s Choir, which performs during Worship on special occasions, including Halloween and Christmas

What about North Church social activities?     North Church has many active social programs.  These include:

  • Women’s Fellowship (social and mission activities)
  • Book Group (reads, meets, and discusses interesting books)
  • Flick Chicks (for movie-going women)
  • Men’s Breakfast (biweekly)
  • Chili Cookoff (annual)
  • Christmas Craft Workshop
  • Other fellowship groups and social meals

Do you welcome people of other faiths?   Yes!

  • We are seekers of God’s truths; we have no monopoly on those truths and strive to keep our minds open to God’s message in the world
  • We believe that all of the faithful are spiritual equals
  • We welcome all who are seeking guidance and worship in Christ’s love and messages
  • We practice open communion – all are welcome to participate
  • Many of our Congregation have come to us from other denominations
  • We regularly coordinate with other faith organizations – Christian and non-Christian – to serve our community (e.g., Lighthouse, Crossroads Soup Kitchen).  We are active in the Farmington Area Interfaith Association